October 10, 2013

In My Mailbox *3*

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I have been very busy since the beginning of the semester and so I have not had time to publish many posts. However, I have a lot new books on my bookshelf (how am I going to read them all?) and I would like to share them with you...


[I now have 310 books in my bookshelf. To see which ones, click here!]

First of all, I have received five books from the United States thanks to Bostick Communications. The genres are very different: young adult, romantic fantasy, children's book, biography, romantic thriller... The reviews will come as soon as possible...
Sheri Speede ❖ Kindred Beings
L.F. Falconer ❖ Hope rises from the ashes
Jania Virant T-Bone the flying horse
Valentine Cardinale ❖ One more dance
K.J. Olsen & K.K. Pratt The Compass cactus

For my birthday and Christmas (a long time ago), I had received gift-cards for one of my favourite bookshops, Payot. So I took the opportunity to (finally) buy the book I have wanted for so long: J.K. Rowling's thriller. After all of my English friends told me about Game of thrones, I could not resist when I saw the first book of the series and so I bought is, as well as another book in French

Robert Galbraith The cuckoo's calling
George R. R. Martin A game of thrones
Anthology Écosse, le pays des légendes

Two books from partners were waiting for me in my letterbox (both in French). The first one came from Babelio's "masse critique" and the second one was organised thanks to my favourite forum A&M

Philippe Besancenet ❖ La fée de la mousse
Inis Salas Rossenbach ❖ Une odyssée en Patagonie

Then, three books I bought... as an excuse for one of my university classes... All three of them on British history 

David Starkey ❖ Crown & country
John O'Farrel ❖ An utterly impartial history of Britain
Nial Ferguson ❖ Empire

And finally, a nice surprise I received from my mum... Completely unexpected!

Dominique Sylvain ❖Sœurs de sang

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