Challenges - 2013

Challenges are part of the book blog world and an interesting mean to discover new books or to knock out some from your TBR shelf. 

Although I decided to be more sensible in 2013 than last year, I decided to take part in a few of them. You will find below the summary of my progress and the link to my sign-up posts and more details. 

Challenge A&M Sagas 
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The idea of this challenge, hosted by the A&M Forum, is to read as many full series as possible... Harry Potter, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings... Anything, as long as you read all of the books!

Challenge A&M Maisons d'Éditions
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The idea of this challenge, hosted by the A&M Forum, is to read books from partner publishers of the forum. On my sign-up post, you will find a list of these; you then only have to read as many books of theirs as possible.

Challenge A&M Adaptations
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This challenge is probably my favourite for 2013. It is also hosted by the A&M Forum and the idea is to compare books with their film adaptation. Are there differences, similarities? Do you like the book or the film better? Is the adaptation a success?

European Reading Challenge
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As I particularly enjoyed this challenge hosted by Rose City Reader last year, I decided to sign in again. The name explains it all: you must read books which take place in Europe. There are several levels, so you can choose how many you are aiming for.


I also take part in permanent challenges (without deadline). Take a look here.

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