October 18, 2013

Kindred Beings - Sheri Speede

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Title: Kindred Beings. 
What seventy-three chimpanzees taught me about life, love and connection
Author: Sheri Speede
Publisher: Harper One
Release date: 2013
Pages: 263


* As we walked to the Pajero, I stopped and looked back at Dorothy and Nama for a minute or so -from one to the other. Their loneliness and boredom were palpable. I tried to comprehend the aching, crazy-making frustration in such extreme confinement, but I could not even imagine the depth of despair that such a life must bring. How had they maintained their sanity? A painful, burning lump of fury formed and expanded in my chest and burned ma throat, seeking escape. I wanted to sob. I longed for the release that tears might bring, but my eyes were dry. Anything but effective action seemed self-indulgent. My aching fury was as trapped in me as Dorothy and Nama were trapped*

Enter a world of tender friendships, staunch loyalties, violent jealousies--and enduring love. As a child, Sheri Speede knew that she wanted to advocate for animals in any way she could. But it was not until many years after veterinary school, when she was transporting a chimpanzee named Pierre away from a biomedical facility as part of her job as a conservation advocate in Cameroon, that Dr. Speede discovered her true calling. She began to search for land for a forest sanctuary for captive chimpanzees that were held on chains and in small cages at local hotels.
Dr. Speede eventually founded the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, a forested home for orphans of the illegal ape meat trade. One chim- panzee, Dorothy, was rescued by Dr. Speede and her colleagues from a bleak existence imprisoned on a chain and forged a deep friendship with her. Dr. Speede explains how chimpanzees, like humans, are capable of a broad spectrum of emotional behaviors--both hateful and loving. Dr. Speede also candidly reveals her own struggles as a stranger in a foreign culture trying to adjust to rural African village life. And she admits that unlike Dorothy, she was not always kind, gentle, and forgiving.
Dorothy died of old age at the sanctuary, and a photograph of Dorothy's funeral, in which Dr. Speede cradled Dorothy's head while her family of chimpanzees mournfully viewed her body, went viral after being published in National Geographic. The world was surprised at the depth of the chimps' grief at the loss of their friend, but Dr. Speede was not. Through the chimps, she had come to understand the meaning of love, loyalty, and true connection.
While this is a compelling story about the emotional complexity of the chimpanzees she rescued and befriended, it is also Dr. Speede's story. Major events in her personal life, including love affairs, dangerous run-ins with criminals, and the birth of her daughter, unfold as the development of her primate rescue center runs parallel to her own development. Ultimately, Kindred Beings is a story of profound resilience, of both the apes and the woman who loved them.

Kindred beings will give you a different perception of primates, especially chimpanzees. In this amazing non-fiction book, Dr. Sheri Speede describes the numerous steps she had to take in order to protect this particular species of apes. Everything starts by her studying veterinary medicine in the US and realising that she needs more than that. As she is worried by the illegal bush meat trade in Africa, she decides to move to Cameroon to achieve her goal. There, she built the Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center, where abused and orphaned chimpanzees are brought in order to have a better life.
Readers will soon notice that Sheri Speede does not have a lot to start with; Africa is another world and the motivation which animates her is what makes her commitment so valuable and interesting. It is the sparkle which created this amazing story. From the first few lines, I was glued to the pages, expecting to see how each single issue was dealt with until the dream actually came true. The beginning takes place in the US, in rather familiar surroundings. As soon as we are taken to Africa, we discover a completely different culture which offers a strong contrast to the one we know. Without too many clichés or stereotypes, Sheri Speede gives us a good insight of this country and its differences with our occidental society.
As suggested by the title and the genre of the book, the aim is to share a – real – adventure and to raise the readers’ awareness of the problems faced by chimpanzees. Given that the author is a veterinarian, I had expected a lot of technical details – which are of course interesting, but not always understandable for non-specialists. However, I discovered with relief that it was not the case. We are given enough information to understand the challenge of such an important project, but not swamped with scientific comments which would make the reading difficult. Moreover, the writing style is simple and goes straight to the point. Short episodes about Sheri Speede’s private life are also told and all this guarantees a pleasant and balanced reading for anybody interested in chimpanzees and animals, but also for a much broader public.
I had the feeling that the primates were actually the main protagonists of the story: we get to know Jacky’s capacity as a leader, Nama’s sense of justice, Becky’s tendency to mischief, Dorothy’s affection... Through the pages, we discover that they are much more similar to us than we would have thought... and that they are truly an endangered species. As this was one of the aims of the book, I would say it is definitely a success.
Of course, chimpanzees are centre stage, but they are not alone. Sheri Speede is undoubtedly the most important person in building the sanctuary. There is however a number of other people who contributed to it. From America to Africa without forgetting Europe, we get to know many of them who have not much in common at first sight... except, of course, their strong love and admiration for chimpanzees and their desire to make the world a better place.
A delightful surprise awaits the readers. Added to the story, you will find two series of amazing pictures, one of which won a National Geography photography contest and was published in several newspapers and magazines around the world. It is a nice way of illustrating life at the Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center and gives us a more concrete idea of the main protagonists of the adventure.
Kindred Beings is a book that everybody should read. Whether you are interested in animals, in travelling and other cultures or in adventures which first seem impossible to realise, you will be seduced by this story of trust, love and friendship. At a crossroads between Africa, America and Europe, where cultures and languages converge, there is one aim: rescuing this wonderful species which shared our evolution processes for so long. I would like to sincerely thank author Sheri Speede for providing me with a copy of her book in exchange of my honest review.

Partnership with author Sheri Speede (founder of IDA Africa)
In Defense of Animals Africa IDA Africa
Organised by Bostick Communication


The Blackhouse, The Lewis Trilogy #1 - Peter May

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Title: The Blackhouse, The Lewis Trilogy #1
Author: Peter May
Publisher: Quercus
Release date: 2011
Pages: 502

*Alcohol and teenage hormones. Fin felt certain that these girls had no idea just how dangerous a cocktail that could be. Smiles on pale faces that flew past rain-streaked windows. Lives headed on a course that non of them could predict but which were, at the same time, utterly predictable.*

A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland: a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep-rooted faith.

A murder
Detective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate. For Lewis-born Macleod, the case represents a journey both home and into his past.

A secret
Something lurks within the close-knit island community. Something sinister.

A trap 
As Fin investigates, old skeletons begin to surface and soon he, the hunter, becomes the hunted.

*But the one thing Fin had learned from his years in the police was that however much you believed you had them figured out, people invariably surprised you.'

On the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland, a man is found hanging in a boatshed. When it turns out that it was not suicide and that a connection is made with another murder committed in Edinburgh a few months earlier, Fin Macleod is sent to investigate. His superiors have decided that it is the right moment for him to go back to work after the tragedy that affected his life. Since he grew up on Lewis, his background can only be of help to the investigation... apart from the fact that Fin took the fist opportunity to leave the island and not return...
After a rapid, short beginning with a vivid description of the crime scene, the pace slows down to enable the reader to discover the surroundings. Peter May draws us into the strange atmosphere of Lewis Island, its strong traditions – especially that of gannet hunting – and way of life... It is Scotland, but life there is somehow completely different from life on the mainland; progress is slow and there are few opportunities for the inhabitants. It is a strange feeling that we can experience in the first chapters already. There seem to be a clear difference between the people of the island and those of mainland Scotland; between the people who have been living their whole lives on Lewis and those who, like Fin, left and did not come back...
As the investigation goes on, we learn more about Fin’s childhood. It was hard to leave, but it is even harder to forget. Sometimes, it is a place which brings back his memories; sometimes it is a person he knows... One chapter tells us about the past, the next one about the present. This makes the development of the plot extremely interesting and balanced, and the shift of tenses in the writing helps us understand the chronology correctly.
Peter May’s style is nice and easy to read. He changes from poetic descriptions to detailed scenes of action, keeping a good amount of suspense until the very end, when everything finally comes together.
Quickly, we grow attached to the characters or, on the contrary, start to hate them. Many of them are described in the past as well as in the present, which makes it all the more interesting as we can see how they have evolved through the years. Their personality is built little by little and we are invited to make our own assumptions of who the murderer is... which is not an easy task.
The plot itself first seems easy, but it soon turns out to be rather complex and full of unexpected twists and turns. This seemingly stereotypical and simple society will probably surprise most of the readers by its silence and secrets. Many might find the end a little confusing at first sight, because everything suddenly happens so quickly; it is difficult to realise that the story is over – already.
The Blackhouse is an amazing crime book which kept me enthralled all through the pages. I liked the characters, I liked the – sometimes dark – Scottish scenery, I liked the plot and, above all, I liked the atmosphere which accompanies the characters through the plot... I am looking forward to reading the next two books of the Fin Macleod’s series, The Lewis Man and The chessmen.

October 10, 2013

In My Mailbox *3*

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In My Mailbox was invented by  The Story Siren.


I have been very busy since the beginning of the semester and so I have not had time to publish many posts. However, I have a lot new books on my bookshelf (how am I going to read them all?) and I would like to share them with you...


[I now have 310 books in my bookshelf. To see which ones, click here!]

First of all, I have received five books from the United States thanks to Bostick Communications. The genres are very different: young adult, romantic fantasy, children's book, biography, romantic thriller... The reviews will come as soon as possible...
Sheri Speede ❖ Kindred Beings
L.F. Falconer ❖ Hope rises from the ashes
Jania Virant T-Bone the flying horse
Valentine Cardinale ❖ One more dance
K.J. Olsen & K.K. Pratt The Compass cactus

For my birthday and Christmas (a long time ago), I had received gift-cards for one of my favourite bookshops, Payot. So I took the opportunity to (finally) buy the book I have wanted for so long: J.K. Rowling's thriller. After all of my English friends told me about Game of thrones, I could not resist when I saw the first book of the series and so I bought is, as well as another book in French

Robert Galbraith The cuckoo's calling
George R. R. Martin A game of thrones
Anthology Écosse, le pays des légendes

Two books from partners were waiting for me in my letterbox (both in French). The first one came from Babelio's "masse critique" and the second one was organised thanks to my favourite forum A&M

Philippe Besancenet ❖ La fée de la mousse
Inis Salas Rossenbach ❖ Une odyssée en Patagonie

Then, three books I bought... as an excuse for one of my university classes... All three of them on British history 

David Starkey ❖ Crown & country
John O'Farrel ❖ An utterly impartial history of Britain
Nial Ferguson ❖ Empire

And finally, a nice surprise I received from my mum... Completely unexpected!

Dominique Sylvain ❖Sœurs de sang

October 04, 2013

Hope rises from the ashes - L.F. Falconer

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Title: Hope rises from the ashes
Author: L.F. Falconer
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Release date: 2013
Pages: 268


* "You are my destiny, my love. My life." He brings my hand to his lips. "It ain't right for a man to try and fumble through the dark seas of life all by himself, Collie. He needs a guiding light. You are my light. That light might flicker in and out, right enough, but it's the one light I need, and the one light I'll follow 'til the end of my days. It is my light and it shines in you. *

A broken heart. A shattered dream.
Collie's journey into adulthood was met with tragic consequences when she defied society to follow her heart. In this sequel to "Hope flies on Broken Wings," Collie attempts to escape the haunting memories of the worst night in her young life. Fearing a lifetime of heartbreak and shame, she leaves her seaside homeland of Donnel to seek refuge in Tillaman Realm beyond the eastern mountains. But she soon finds herself wishing she's never left home when she becomes hopelessly entangled in a dangerous game of possession and jealousy between two Tillaman warriors and the women who desire them. Has a reluctance to part with her merman scale charm bound her into a prison of her own making? Or will a gift form the sea be her salvation?

In a Middle-Age world full of fantasy, romance and fights for honour, young Collie learns that being a woman is not easy, especially away from home. After her love died at sea, she flees to another realm in order to start life anew. But with a winged-lion threatening the kingdom, fiery knights duelling for her and jealous young women trying to harm her, her journey is not as she had imagined... and it is only the beginning.
In Hope rises from the ashes, L.F. Falconer continues the story of Collie after she lost Dugan. Although it is the second book of the series, reading Hope flies on broken wings is not required in order to understand the plot. We are given enough hints of what took place before in order to understand the young lady’s motivations to leave her memories behind and look for something else.
The plot itself is easy and everything comes slowly into place. There are a few quicker scenes, but we mostly have time to concentrate on the characters, which are all vividly described: the proud knights Morgan and Thoren, innocent and naive Collie, talkative Giselle, faithful Brother John, mischievous Damile and Lisana, sad and broken Natt... Their psychology is shown little by little, keeping the suspense all through the story.
The contrast between Collie and the other women of Tillaman realm is strong and she quickly understands that being a foreigner is not an advantage. The author raises many interesting questions about the condition of women, the integration of strangers and, above all, about love.
We focus on Collie’s new life, but we are also given an idea of how she used to live in Donnel – her birth realm – which enables the reader to compare the differences in the society and traditions of these two places. We can also feel the historical period through the way characters live and through various other typical things such as the problems of communication and transport between the different realms, the knights who protect the town and the importance of religion for some people.
The writing style is surprising and it is possibly the reason why it took me so long to become immersed in the story. The present tense used to describe the adventures seemed a little strange, especially as it is taking place in the Middle-ages. L.F. Falconer also writes in an oral style, not only in the dialogues, but in the description as well, which is quite unusual. However, after a few chapters, I came to enjoy it because the story seemed livelier and we really feel as if we are experiencing Collies story with her. It is also a contrast with the chapters told by other characters and shows the differences in people’s accents and ways of speaking.
Of course, we all wish for a happy ending, especially after seeing the main protagonist in so many desperate situations. Several twists and turns will keep the reader’s attention until the last pages, in which the rhythm of the action becomes quicker and quicker. Although I am satisfied with the story altogether, I felt that the end was rushed – despite a few welcomed surprises – and a few chronological details were not accurate, or rather not believable.
Hope rises from the ashes is a beautiful tale of love and honour which mixes several genres. Between romance, history and fantasy, L.F. Falconer published an unusual book which will seduce readers from various horizons, whether they are interested in fantasy, history or romance.
I would like to conclude this review by thanking Bostick Communications who made it possible for me to discover this book. Thank you very much to author L.F. Falconer for providing me with a – signed – copy of her book in exchange of my honest review.

Partnership with author  & L.F. Falconer
Organised by Bostick Communication

September 19, 2013

In My Mailbox *2*

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As I wrote in my previous post, I went to the Book Fair 'Le livre sur les quais' recently... and I bought a few books. However, I had decided to be good and so it was only two. I know I mentioned them in the related post, but  they are special for several reasons:
Fist of all, they are signed copies... and then, they are the 299th and 300th books to be added to my bookshelf !


So, I now have 300 books in my bookshelf. To see which ones, click here!


I had waited for it for months. My mum read it as soon as it was released, but as I new Tatiana de Rosnay was coming to Morges, I decided to wait in order to have a signed copy... And finally, here it is! I cannot wait to read it!

Tatiana de Rosnay ❖ À l'encre russe

The second one is a book I had wanted to read for some time. The problem is that I do not like reading the books everybody is talking about. As there was a film, it became even more famous and so I have not read it yet. As I saw it in English at the Fair, I could not resist... 

Tatiana de Rosnay Sarah's Key

September 18, 2013

Le livre sur les quais - 6th-8th September 2013

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As you may have noticed, I have not been very active on my blog recently. Now that I am back, I will however try and catch up and publish all the posts I have been thinking about during the holiday... I spent (as usual) an amazing summer in the English countryside and, to be honest, I was not very motivated to fly back. Fortunately, I had something to look forward to... Le livre sur les quais.

'Le livre sur les quais', what is it ?

Book fairs are common and some of them are really popular. 'Le livre sur les quais' is not one of the biggest festivals, nor one of the most visited ones, but it has things that others do not have. It was created in 2010 and takes place every year in Switzerland, in the lovely town of Morges, right by Lake Geneva.

 Literary Cruise Geneva-Nyon

Authors & Events

During four days, various events are organised. Of course, books are sold, visitors are given the opportunity to meet more than 300 authors and discover new releases, but every year offers new surprises and exciting events. Although works by French-speaking authors are at the heart of the festival, the intercultural image of Switzerland will not be left out as a wide range of activities are proposed in English. Translators were also present, as well as authors writing in German, Italian or even Russian; an international blend where books are everybody’s main focus.

2013 was a year of literary cruises, of Tatiana de Rosnay as Honorary President, of crime books cycling tours, of literary breakfasts... There were authors and publishers, but also film directors and illustrators. There were books, but also films, photographs, readings, stage performances, discussions, interviews, writing workshops and various games or contests for children and teenagers. Something for everyone to be satisfied!

My Day at the Fair

I had already been twice, but this year was definitely the best. The reason? Of course, the program becomes more interesting and diverse each year, the festival bigger, but having Tatiana de Rosnay come was just amazing! As soon as I learned that she would be there, I wrote to my blog partner and friend, Patty, and we decided to go together... The most difficult was not to buy Tatiana de Rosnay’s new novel À l’encre russe (Russian Ink) before, but being abroad the whole year abroad helped!

Literary Cruise: “Personnages romanesques”

Another difficulty was to decide on our program. Everything seemed so interesting that we had to make a choice. So we went on Sunday and started in Geneva with a literary cruise: “Personnages romanesques” with Tatiana de Rosnay, Claro and Andreï Kourkov. As it was rather early and not actually in Morges, there were few people. It was very interesting to hear the authors speak about their understanding of fictional characters. They also explained how they dealt with them during the writing process and talked about their projects.

Literary Cruise: “Traduire, trahir ou transposer”

We got off the boat in Nyon and caught a train to Morges. After having a quick look around and eating lunch, we decided to go on another literary cruise. Of course, given my studying, I was very interested by the theme. Two authors were there, Claro – again – and Douglas Kennedy, as well as a translator, Pedro Jimenez Morras. They talked about translation, of course, but also more generally about their work, the difference between writing and translating. It was interesting to compare the vision of one author whose books have been translated in many languages (Douglas Kennedy), one translator (Pedro Jimenez Morras) and one author and translator (Claro). It was another good cruise, but I would have liked to learn more details about the actual process of translating rather than having the debate drifting into the authors’ works.

The authors and the marquee

After that, it started to rain and so we decided to walk round the marquee. It was packed of people and many were queuing in order to get their signed copies. So we worked our way round the full tables of books. We stopped by Andreï Kourkov, where Patty bought Les Pingouins n’ont jamais froid (Penguin Lost).Then came the moment I had been waiting for so long. We joined the very long queue in from of Tatiana de Rosnay and both took À l’encre russe. I also finally found the English version of Sarah’s Key (which I still have not read). On our way out, I stopped to have a few words by Jenny Sigot-Müller, the author of Entre deux voix, which I had enjoyed... and of course, speaking with an author/interpreter who studied in the same university as me was something I was not going to miss.

We both had a lovely time... and did not spend as much as we had feared! If you have the opportunity to come to this book fair, I strongly recommend it to you, as it is probably one of my favourite literary events!

See you there in 2014!

The Compass Cactus, Teen Book #1 - Kari Kinnard Pratt & Kent Johnson Olsen

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Title: The Compass Cactus
Author: Kari Kinnard Pratt & Kent Johnson Olsen
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Release date: June 2013
Pages: 73


* Mr. Blake Eding, Ghost Creek Camp Dam engineer, shook his head in despair. "I hate to lose all this water, but we must release some or the whole dam will go." He flipped a switch titled "Release". Through the control window, he saw water begin pouring from the spillways. *

Mr. Turner's sophomore science class is a favorite among his high school students, with lively experiments and funny discussions -and he has made science even more exciting by awarding a seat in the school bus going to the Ghost Creek Camp for anyone who scores 100% on their final exam. Ghost Creek offers ATVs, hiking trails, archery and more -with a competition to win two tickets to any venue, athletic or musical program the winner desires. It's what students work toward all year.
Sarah has earned 100% on her final exam, and she and her friends are packed up and ready for fun! But first they have to survive the flash flood that tips over their school bus... and this is only the beginning of Sarah's summer adventures.

The Compass Cactus is a short book telling the first part of Sarah’s summer adventures. Every year, science teacher Mr. Turner awards a day at the Ghost Creek Day Camp to anyone who scores 100% on their final exam. Students work towards this aim all year long and Sarah is delighted when she is chosen with a few of her friends. But as the weather worsens and flash flood threatens the school bus, they realise that the day will not be as fun as they had expected.
The back cover summary caught my attention straightaway. A young adult book was a nice break in my reading and the story seemed promising. However, I must admit I was disappointed. I would not say I did not enjoy it at all, but I turned the last page being rather frustrated, as it did not live up to my expectations.
First of all, the figures did not convince me. I know it is a young adult novel, but still, their character was not developed enough; therefore, I did not have the feeling I got to know them enough to like them. We have the “goodies” and the “baddies”, two clearly defined groups, and the clichés annoyed me because of the lack of realism. In such a critical situation, I cannot really imagine that anybody could be stupid enough to go on trying to harm someone before even thinking about their own safety. Likewise, the perfect protagonists with leader qualities who could save everybody else got on my nerves rather quickly.
The story focuses mainly on Sarah, but eight other students and the teacher are part of the group as well. I felt that it was too many given that the book only has 73 pages. Some of the characters are only briefly introduced to the reader, but they do not seem to really play a role in the plot. However, keeping in mind that there are two more books to come, they might develop later on. It would be interesting to find out...
I found the idea of the plot itself interesting, although not original. I was thus waiting for a special event, for something that would make it different from anything I had read before, but it never came. It I try to analyse why I was disappointed, I must say it is probably because of the lack of suspense. Indeed, the main problem is that we know most of what is going to happen because of the back cover summary. If it contained less information, I would probably have felt drawn to Sarah’s adventures much more that I actually did and not expected more dramatic events to take place.
The positive points of The Compass Cactus – because there are some as well – are mostly the writing style; it perfectly suits the young adult genre and is easy to read. The organisation of the book in chapters with mention of the day and time is good and the layout pleasant. I also enjoyed the fact that we had various viewpoints as the story went on; briefly meeting the rescue team, the bus driver, Sarah’s parents... is a good way of keeping our interest and involving a little suspense in the plot.
The explanations about flash flood and several other elements about nature and scouting were also interesting, but I would have liked to know more about the context and environment than about the characters’ actions.
The Compass Cactus is not a book that convinced me. I finish it with an aftertaste of unfinished: the plot and the characters are interesting, but I think they need to be developed and improved in order to avoid clichés. The main problem is the back cover summary, which spoils the suspense and actually advertises for the second and third books rather than for the first one. A much younger audience will however probably enjoy reading it – maybe I have just become too old and fussy to enjoy young adult reads!
I thank the authors Kari Kinnard Pratt and Kent Johnson Olsen for providing me with a copy of their book and Bostick Communications for allowing me to discover a wide range of new books. Although my review is not as good as I had expected, I might read the next books if I get chance as I do not like to be left with mixed feelings.

Partnership with authors Kari Kinnard Pratt & Kent Johnson Olsen
Organised by Bostick Communication

September 13, 2013

My Bookshelf

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Have you ever been in a bookshop without buying at leas a book?
To be honest, this happens very seldom to me. I love reading, I love books. So it is normal that as soon as I see some, I want to buy some, even though my To be Read shelf is more than full.

You will find below the list of the books I owe, organised by author's name in alphabetical order.

There are currently 462 books on my bookshelf.  
    Adler Olsen, Jussi Miséricorde ❖ Français
    Ajvide Lindquvist, John ❖ Harbour ❖ English
    Alain-Fournier ❖ Le Grand Meaulnes ❖ Français
    Allende, Isabel ❖ Los Cuentos de Eva Luna ❖ Español
    Allende, Isabel ❖ Paula ❖ Español
    AndersenContes et histoires ❖ Français
    Arroum, Rawia ❖ Féealy Mage ❖ Français
    Arthus-Bertrand YannHome ❖ Français
    Atkinson, Kate ❖When Will There Be Good News? ❖ Français
    Auel, Jean M. ❖ La Vallée des Chevaux, Les Enfants de la Terre #2 ❖ Français
    Austen, Jane ❖ Emma ❖ English
    Bakker, Gerbrand ❖ The Detour ❖ English
    Balzac (De), HonoréLe Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu ❖ Français
    Balzac (De), Honoré Le Père Goriot ❖ Français
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ The Accident ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ Clouded Vision ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ Fear the Worst ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ Never Look Away ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ No Time For Goodbye ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ A Tap on the Window ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ Too Close to Home ❖ English
    Barclay, Linwood ❖ Trust Your Eyes ❖ English
    Barrico, AlessandroSoie ❖ Français
    Beckett, SamuelEn attendant Godot ❖ Français
    Beecher-Stowe, HarrietLa case de l'oncle Tom ❖ Français
    Bell, Julia ❖ XXL ❖ Français
    Berglund, MarianneSommernachtsmörder ❖ Deutsch
    Bertherat, MarieLa Fille au pinceau d'or ❖ Français
    Besancenet, Philippe H.La fée de la mousse ❖ Français
    Benedetti, MarioLa Borra del Café ❖ Español
    Bettelheim, BrunoPychanalyse des Contes de Fées ❖ Français
    Bickmore, Barbara Im Jahr des Elefanten ❖ Deutsch
    Binder, ChristianLa suite ne sera que silence❖ Français
    Blanc-Gras, JulienParadis (avant liquidation) ❖ Français
    Bolitho, Janie Caught out in Cornwall ❖ English
    Bossi, Luc et Polin, IsabelleTrouvée ❖ Français
    Boule, PierreLa Planète des singes ❖ Français
    Bouvier, NicolasLe poisson-scorpion ❖ Français
    Boxall, PeterLes 1001 livres qu'il faut avoir lus dans sa vie ❖ Français
    Brackman, LisaDay of the Dead ❖ English
    Brandon, JohnCitrus County ❖ Français
    Brackman, LisaYear of the Tiger ❖ English
    Brashare, AnnToi et moi à jamais ❖ Français
    Brian, KatePrivate ❖ English
    Brisou-Pellen, EvelyneL'Hiver des loups ❖ Français
    Brontë, CharlotteJane Eyre ❖ English
    Brontë, EmilyWuthering Heights ❖ English
    Broulis, PascalL'Impôt heureux ❖ Français
    Brown, SandraMétal brûlant ❖ Français
    Bryson, BillNotes from a Small Island ❖ English
    Buero Vallejo, AntonioEn la ardiente oscuridad ❖ Español
    Bussi, MichelNe lâche pas ma main ❖ Français
    Bussi, MichelN'oublier jamais ❖ Français
    Bussi, Michel
    Nymphéas noirs ❖ Français

    Bussi, MichelUn avion sans elle ❖ Français

    Camus, Albert ❖ L'Étranger ❖ Français
    Camy, Lionel ❖ Passager vers l'enfer ❖ Français
    Cardinale, ValentineOne more Dance ❖ English
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    Collette, Sandrine ❖ Un vent de cendres ❖ Français
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    Cross, Neil Burial ❖ Français
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    Dickens, Charles David Copperfield ❖ English
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    Dickens, CharlesOliver Twist ❖ English
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    Defoe, DanielRobinson Crusoe ❖ English
    Defonseca, Misha ❖ Surviving with wolves ❖ English
    Doyle, ConanThe Hound of Baskeville & The Valley of Fear ❖ English
    Drvenkar, ZoranDu bist zu schnell ❖ Deutsch
    Drvenkar, ZoranStill ❖ Deutsch
    Drvenkar, ZoranSorry ❖ Français
    Duras, MargueriteUn Barrage contre le Pacifique ❖ Français
    Dürenmatt, FriedrichDer Besuch der alten Dame ❖ Deutsch
    Dürenmatt, FriedrichLa Visite de la vieille dame ❖ Français
    Eich, GünterTräume ❖ Deutsch
    Ellis, WarrenGun machine ❖ Français
    Ellory, R.J.A quiet Vendetta❖ English
    Ellory, R.J. ❖ A simple act of violence  ❖ English
    Ende, Michael Momo ❖ Deutsch
    Esquivel, LauraComo agua para chocolate ❖ Español
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    Falconer, L. F. Hope rises from the ashes ❖ English
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    Fielding, JoyStill Life ❖ English
    Finnigan, Judy Eloise ❖ English
    Fiorato, Marina The Glassblower of Murano ❖ English
    Fitzek, Sebastian Der Nachtwandler ❖ Deutsch
    Fitzek, SebastianLe chasseur de regards❖ Français
    Flynn, GillianLes apparences ❖ Français
    Fontaine (De La), JeanFables  ❖ English
    Franzen, JonathanFreedom ❖ Español
    French, Nicci ❖ Mémoire piégée ❖ Français
    French, PaulMinuit à Pékin❖ Français
    Freud, SigmundCinq Leçons sur la psychanalyse ❖ Français
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    Galbraith, Robert (J.K. Rowling) The Silkworm ❖ English
    Gallego, Laura Donde los arboles cantan ❖ Español
    Gallego, Laura El libro de los portales ❖ Español
    Galloway, StevenThe cellist of Sarajevo ❖ English
    Garcin, ChristianLa piste mongole ❖ Français
    Garrido, AntonioLe lecteur de cadavres❖ Français
    Gardner, LisaDerniers adieux ❖ Français
    Geiger, Arno Anna nicht vergessen ❖ Deutsch
    Gilbert, Elizabeth Eat, pray, love ❖ English
    Ginzberg, NormanArizna Tom❖ Français
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    Gray, AlexGlasgow Kiss ❖ English
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    Gregory, PhilippaThe constant Princess ❖ English
    Gregory, Philippa The other Boleyn Girl ❖ English
    Gregory, SusannaA conspiracy of violence ❖ English
    Gregson, JuliaThe Water Horse ❖ English
    Grimes, MarthaLes cloches de Whitechapel ❖ Français
    GrimmMärchen ❖ Français / Deutsch (zweisprachig)
    Grisham, JohnThe runaway Jury ❖ English
    Gruen, Sara Water for Elephants ❖ English
    Gruen, SaraLa Leçon d'équitation ❖ Français
    Gruen, SaraParcours sans fautes ❖ Français
    Grün (Von der), Max Vorstadt Krokodile ❖ Deutsch
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    Harris, Ali Written in the Stars ❖ English
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    Haran, Maeve The Painted Lady ❖ English
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    Higgins Clark, Carol ❖ Irish Coffee ❖ Français
    Higgins Clark, Mary ❖ Le fantôme de Lady Margaret ❖ Français
    Hislop, VictoriaThe Sunrise ❖ English
    Hislop, Victoria The Thread ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ City of Masks - Stavaganza #1 ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ City of Stars- Stavaganza #2 ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ City of Flowers - Stavaganza #3 ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ City of Ships - Stavaganza #5 ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ City of Swords - Stavaganza #6 ❖ English
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ La Cité des étoiles - Stavaganza #2 ❖ Français
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ La Cité des fleurs - Stavaganza #3 ❖ Français
    Hoffman, Mary ❖ La Cité des secrets - Stavaganza #4 ❖ Français
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    Hudson, Jan Dawn Rider❖ English
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    Hürlimann, Thomas Der große Kater ❖ Deutsch
    Indridason, Arnaldur Bettý ❖ Français
    Irving, WashingtonCuentos de la Alhambra ❖ Español
    Isaacson, Rupert The Horse Boy ❖ English
    Isaacson, Rupert The Long Ride Home ❖ English
    Izaguirre, MarianLa vie quand elle était à nous❖ Français

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    James PeterPerfect People ❖ English
    James, P.D.Death in the Holy Orders ❖ English
    James, P.D.Innocent Blood ❖ English
    James, P.D. The Lighthouse ❖ English
    James, P.D.The Murder Room ❖ English
    James P.D.The Private Patient ❖ English
    James, Peter Dead's Man Grip ❖ English
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    Jaumann, BernardL'heure du chacal❖ Français
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    Johnson, JamesThe Salt Road ❖ English
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    Kasischke, LauraLes revenants ❖ Français
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    Kaye, M.M.Death in the Adamans ❖ English
    Kehlman, DanielUnter der Sonne ❖ Deutsch
    Kellerman, JesseLes Visages ❖ Français
    Kernik, JoannaRed Tears ❖ English
    Kernik, SimonA Good day to die ❖ English
    Kernik, SimonDeadline ❖ English
    Kernik, SimonThe Murder Exchange ❖ English
    Kernik, SimonThe Payback ❖ English
    Kernik, SimonSevered ❖ English
    Key, Alexander ❖ Après la vague ❖ Français
    King, StephenMisery ❖ Français
    Kohout, PavelL'heure étoilée du meurtrier ❖ Français
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    Kyle Williams, AmandaCelui que tu cherches ❖ Français
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    Laberge, MarieMauvaise foi ❖ Français
    Laberge, MarieSans rien ni personne ❖ Français
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    Lafayette (De), MadameLa Princesse de Clèves ❖ Français
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    Lark, Sarah Im Land der weißen Wolke, Die Weiße-Wolke-Trilogie #1 ❖ Deutsch
    Lark, Sarah Das Lied der Maori, Die Weiße-Wolke-Trilogie #2 ❖ Deutsch
    Lark, Sarah Der Ruf des Kiwis, Die Weiße-Wolke-Trilogie #3 ❖ Deutsch
    Larson, Erik Dans le jardin de la bête ❖ Français
    Lenteric, Bernard ❖La Nuit des enfants rois ❖ Français
    Leon, DonnaDrawing Conclusions ❖ English
    Levy, AndreaThe Long Song ❖ English
    Lewinsky, CharlesSchweizen ❖ Deutsch
    Lewis, C.S.The Chronicles of Narnia ❖ English
    Lianke, YanServe the People ❖ English
    Lupton, RosamundAfterwards ❖ English
    Lupton, RosamundSister ❖ English
    Mac Donald, PatriciaLa fille sans visage ❖ Français
    Mackay, MalcolmHow a gunman says goodbye ❖ English
    Mackay, MalcolmIl faut tuer Lewis Winter ❖ Français
    Maksik, AlexanderLa mesure de la dérive ❖ Français
    Malengreau, Raymonde ❖ La balançoire ❖ Français
    Mankell, HenningMeurtriers sans visage ❖ Français
    Manning, SarraAu cœur de ma nuit ❖ Français
    Manook, IanYeruldegger ❖ Français
    Mariage, AnneChevaux d'aventure ❖ Français
    Mariller, JulietDaughter of the forest❖ English
    MarivauxLe Jeu de l'amour et du hasard ❖ Français
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    May, PeterThe Blackhouse, The Lewis Trilogy #1 ❖ English
    May, PeterThe Lewis Man, The Lewis Trilogy #2 ❖ English
    May, PeterThe Chessmen, The Lewis Trilogy #3 ❖ English
    McDermid, ValNorthanger Abbey ❖ English
    McDermid, ValSkeleton Road ❖ English
    McDermid, ValThe Torment of others ❖ English
    McDermid, ValVanishing Point ❖ English
    McEwan, IanAmsterdam ❖ English
    McEwan, IanSolar ❖ English
    McKinty, Adrian Hear the Sirens in the Street ❖ English
    McKinty, AdrianUne terre si froide ❖ Français
    Mehler, PabloDerrière les grilles du Luxembourg ❖ Français
    Melville, HermanBartleby le scribe ❖ Français
    Melville, HermanMoby Dick ❖ English
    Merchant, JudithLoreley singt nicht mehr ❖ Deutsch
    Mercier, Pascal Der Klavierstimmer ❖ Deutsch
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    Miller, ArthurMort d'un commis voyageur ❖ Français
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    Minier, BernardGlacé ❖ Français
    Minier, Bernard N'éteins pas la lumière ❖ Français
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    Molas, AurélienLes fantômes du Delta ❖ Français
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    MolièreLe Médecin malgré lui ❖ Français
    Montefiore, Santa Secrets of the Lighthouse ❖ English
    Morpurgo, MichaelThe Amazing story of Adolphus Tips ❖ English
    Morpurgo, MichaelPrivate Peaceful ❖ English
    Morpurgo, Michael ❖ Shadow ❖ English
    Morpurgo, MichaelToro! Toro! ❖ English
    Morpurgo, MichaelWar horse ❖ English
    Morpurgo, MichaelAnya ❖ Français
    Morris, William Le Pays creux ❖ Français
    Morton, Kate The secret keeper ❖ English
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    Muñoz Molina, AntonioPlenilunio ❖ Español
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    Nevill, AdamThe Ritual ❖ English
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    Nöstlinger, ChristineDie Ilse ist weg ❖ Deutsch

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    O'Farrel, JohnAn utterly impartial history of Britain ❖ English
    O'Flanagan, SheilaStand by me❖ English
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    O'Hara, MaryL'Herbe verte du Wyomying ❖ Français
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    Orwell, GeorgeLa Ferme aux animaux ❖ Français
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    Pullman, Philip The Amber Spyglass, His Dark Materials #3 ❖ English
    Pullman, Philip Lyra's Oxford (His Dark Materials) ❖ English
    Pullman, PhilipOnce upon a time in the North (His Dark Materials) ❖ English
    Pullman, PhilipLe Comte Karlstein ❖ Français
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    Pullman, PhilipLe Mystère de l'étoire polaire, Sally Lockhart #2 ❖ Français
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    Racine, Jean Britannicus ❖ Français
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    Ransom, Christopher The Birthing House ❖ English
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    Ray Pollock, DonaldLe Diable tout le temps ❖ Français
    Rendell, Ruth ❖ No more dying then ❖ English
    Rendell, Ruth ❖ Portobello ❖ English
    Rendell, Ruth Sans dommage apparent ❖ Français
    Rey Rosa, Rodrigo ❖ Los Sordos ❖ Español
    Ridpath, Michael Where the shadows lie, Fire & Ice #1 ❖ English
    Robinson, PeterAbattoir Blues ❖ English
    Robotham, Michael Bleed for me ❖ English
    Robotham, Michael The wreckage ❖ English
    Rojas (De), Fernando La Celestina ❖ Español
    Rose, Malcolm The Smoking gun ❖ English
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    Rosnay (De), Tatiana Amsterdamnation et autres nouvelles ❖ Français
    Rosnay (De), Tatiana Rose ❖ Français
    Rosnay (De), Tatiana Sarah's Key ❖ English
    Rosnay (De), Tatiana Son carnet rouge ❖ Français
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    Rostand. Cyrano de Bergerac ❖ Français
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    Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter y el cáliz de fuego, HP #4 ❖ Español
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    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos El juego del ángel ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos Las luces de septiembre, trilogía de la niebla #3 ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos Marina ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos El palacio de la medianoche, trilogía de la niebla #2 ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos El príncipe de la niebla, trilogía de la niebla #1 ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos El prisonero del cielo ❖ Español
    Ruiz Zafón, Carlos La sombra del viento ❖ Español
    Russel, Willy Educating Rita ❖ English
    Sánchez, ClaraCe que cache ton nom ❖ Français
    Santaki, RachidFlic ou caillera ❖ Français
    Santos, CareOkupada ❖ Español
    Saussey, JacquesQuatre racines blanches ❖ Français
    Scanlan, PatriciaHappy ever after? ❖ English
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    Schirach (von), Ferdinand Schuld ❖ Deutsch
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    Shreve, AnitaA change in altitude ❖ English
    Shreve, AnitaLight on snow❖ English
    Shreve, AnitaRescue ❖ English
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    Sittenfeld, Curtis Sisterland ❖ English
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    Légendes des Dolmens et Menhirs (Gérard Lomenec'h) ❖ Éditions Coop Breizh ❖ Français
    Scottish Ghosts ❖ Lomond ❖ English
    Théâtre et la Lettre (Le), concours PIJA ❖ Éditions de l'Hèbe ❖ Français

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