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I would like to start by an important detail: I am no professional reviewer. I started this blog in order to share the books I read and because I enjoy it. Therefore, my reviews are rather subjective, which means I talk mostly about my thoughts and feelings, although I usually write a few line about the audience that could be interested in reading the book. My reviews are always honest and so sometimes negative too, but I always try to explain my reasons as well as I can. If you prefer more objective reviews, I advise you to look for another blogger to write about your book. 

Each review includes a book cover picture, a summary (usually taken from the back cover), my opinion, my rating, a quote I particularly liked and sometimes additional information (such as author website, film adaptation...). I then also post them on several other platforms and websites such as Goodreads or Babelio (see list in the left menu). I always mention who I received the book from as well. 

If you are interested in me reviewing your book and you agree with my review policy, feel free to send me a review request by email (powers-of-words@hotmail.co.uk). I do not accept all of them – because reading is a hobby – but as I am curious and open-minded, any genre could interest me. I always reply to each individual request and check my spam folders regularly to check that I have not missed any.

However, my favourite genres are:
❖ Crime/Mystery/Thriller❖
❖ Fantasy ❖
❖ Young Adult ❖
❖ Contemporary Fiction ❖

I prefer to read paper version than e-books. Also, I do not review books from series if I have not read the precedent titles.

I normally try to publish my review within a month from receiving the book, but it may take longer if I have a lot to do at that time. If the book is an ARC, I will pay particular attention to publishing my review as soon as possible!

Contact information:
If you have any question, do not hesitate to write to me: Powers-of-words@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks !
I give each book a number of stars between zero and five (with half-stars). Some of the ones rated five stars can also be part of my favourite list!

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