Travelling the World in Books Challenge

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New blog, new posts and more... 

To celebrate Once upon a Book's creation and Aux 1001 Histoire's first birthday, we have decided to organise our first challenge using an idea we had for several months... So here is the Travelling the World in Books Challenge.

Books enable us to escape reality and discover places that we have never visited before, some of them real, others imaginary. The idea of the challenge is to travel the whole world through books. During the summer, many have holiday and it is therefore the opportunity to start this big trip. Don't wait, join in!

  • Everybody can take part to the challenge. People who do not have a blog can send me their reviews and I will publish them on this blog under a specific label. To join in, you just have to post a comment with your name and your blog address on that post (for bloggers, please include the link to your sign-up post). To see the list of travellers who are taking part in the challenge and the level they reached, visit this page).
  • The idea of Travelling the world in books is to discover as many countries and cultures as possible through books. For a book to be valid, the plot has to take place in the country. (That means that the author's nationality is not a criteria.) If there are several places in one book, you have to choose ONE country.
  •  For a read to be counted, you have to post a comment with the link of your review on this page. I will list the countries we have already visited in this post in case you need ideas.
  • As this is an international challenge, reading and reviewing is allowed in any language.
  • Given the size of the challenge, there is no deadline ; it is therefore a permanent challenge.
  • Rereads count, any format (audiobooks and ebooks as well), any genre and any number of pages count. Books read for other challenges are allowed as well.
  • When you sign up, include the level you are aiming to reach (one of the basic levels ; special levels and badges are optional). Depending on how you are getting on, you can of course change your aim later.

- Tourist – Visit 25 pays and at least three different continents.
- Guide – Visit 50 countries and at least four different continents.
- Globe-Trotter – Visit 75 countries and at least one on each continent.
- Geographer Visit 100 countries and at least one on each continent.
- Cartographer Visit 125 countries and at least one on each continent.
- Adventurer Visit 150 countries and at least one on each continent.
- Explorer – Visit all 194 countries in the world as well as Antarcti

- Astronaut – Travel at least 5 times into space (real or imaginary places)
- Robinson Crusoe – Visit at least 15 islands belonging to different countries. The country can be an island (Ireland, for example) or can have islands on its territory (Sardinia for example, but in that case, the plot hat to take place on the mentioned island)

(To divide America between South and North, we will be using this list: 

- Lions Specialist : Visit 20 African countries
- Rhinos Specialist : Visit all African countries
- Caribous Specialist : Visit 10 North American countries
- Grizzlies Specialist : Visit all North American countries
- Llamas Specialist : Visit 5 South American countries
- Anacondas Specialist : Visit all South American countries
- Tigers Specialist : Visit 20 Asian countries
- Panda Bears Specialist : Visit all Asian countries
- Fox Specialist : Visit 25 European countries
- Lynx Specialist : Visit all European countries
- Koalas Specialist : Visit 10 Oceanian countries
- Kangaroos Specialist : Visit all Oceanian countries

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